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Dr. C.K.ASNANI CHAIRMAN & MANAGING DIRECTOR Qualifications B.Tech(Chemical Engineering)
Post Graduation in Nuclear Engineering 30th batch of BARC Training School,
Ph.D From IIT (ISM, Dhanbad)
Shri Debashish Ghosh DIRECTOR
Shri Rajesh Kumar DIRECTOR
Executive Director
(Operations & Projects,South)
Executive Director
(Operations, Jharkhand)
Executive Director
(Projects North)
General Manager
(Stores & Purchase/Mill Safety)
Shri P.K.Parhi General Manager
Shri M.S.Rao General Manager
(Engg. Services, AP)
Shri S. K. Sharma General Manager
(Inst./Personnel & Indl. Relations/Coporate Planning)
Shri M.K. Singhai General Manager
General Manager
Shri Manoj Kumar General Manager
(Jaduguda Group of Mines)
Shri Chanchal Manna General Manager
(Turamdih Group of Mines)
General Manager
Shri B.C.Gupta Company Secretary